Geographically, Jenny's origins are from London and Hampshire in England and Counties Limerick and Clare in Ireland. The major
                            branches of her ancestry that have been researched to date, can be summarised as follows:-


The Paternal line of JACKSON, was joined with the WOODS in 1880 [joined by the HOUNSLOW's 1863] and the ROIL'S in 1843


From research to date, my Wife's Paternal JACKSON line comes from Putney, London, England - see JACKSON HISTORY The surname Jackson, is a common but very old
English and Scottish surname and is literally interpreted as meaning "Son of Jack". The given name Jack may be a diminutive of John or James, or a derivation of the Old
French given name Jacque, the French form of Jacob.In 1980 Jackson was the 24th most popular surname in England and Wales.


THOMAS WOODS was a printer from Oxford, England. In Oxford in 1863, He married LAETITIA [LETITIA] SANDELL B 1844. About 1871, they emigrated to New Zealand on
the ship
"Metropolis". Their daughter, LETITIA WOODS who married RICHARD JACKSON, was born during the voyage to New Zealand. THOMAS WOODS spent more
than 35 years as the head printer of the Greymouth Argus newspaper.
LAETITIA SANDELL's forebears, all came from Oxfordshire, with her oldest researched ancestor being
THOMAS SANDELL, b 1708,                                                                 

ELIZA ROIL married JAMES HAYTER JACKSON 1843. Research indicates that ROIL family ancestors in Northern Hampshire  from the mid 18th century  to the mid 19th
century used various spellings of the surname. These included ROYAL [variant ROYALL] RYAL [variant RYALL] along with RIAL [variant RIALL] However, the  main and
predominant spelling was ROYALL. This was no doubt the result of wide spread illiteracy and the reliance on phonetic spelling by the parish recorders. In many cases there
is a different spelling in each parish entry [ baptisms, marriages, burials] for the same family member.

The first recorded use of the surname ROIL by this family was the marriage of Thomas RYALL Jn. Alton on 4th November 1837 when the sister of the groom was a witness
to the ceremony and signed in her own hand as
LUCY ROIL. Lucy's marriage entry at Alton on 27th December 1840 is recorded as ROIL and according to her descendants
she continued to spell her maiden name as ROIL throughout the rest of her life.  The parents
Thomas ROIL Sr. and SARAH SEWRY were married at Alton in 1813 as
ROYALL, Thomas having been baptized at Shalden in 1790 as RYALL. The family are recorded in the 1841 Census as ROIL and the application to emigrate to NZ dated
16th July, 1841 is also in the surname ROIL. This spelling continued to be used in NZ.

The eldest son James was baptized at Holybourne on 12th March, 1815 as JAMES RYALL. He entered the British army in 1838 as James ROIL and he and his descendants
in Newfoundland, Canada have continued to use the surname ROIL.  THOMAS RYALL Jn. children Charles and George were baptized at Alton on 21st October, 1838 and
12th May respectively with the surname ROIL. This family is recorded in the 1841 Census as ROIL but in the 1851 Census had reverted to RYALL.

It appears that the family only commenced using the surname ROIL in the late 1830's as the family members became literate. It is also consisted with the saying handed
down through the generations in NZ that " if the surname is ROIL we must be related" indicating the spelling was peculiar to the family.

Family history has it that the surname ROYALL and its variants are derived from RYE HILL, a common place name, where rye was grown.



On my Wife's Maternal side, there are the Paternal Swinburne's, whom we have traced back no further than her Grandfather, GEORGE SWINBURNE, who we believe came
from Birmingham, England. He is assumed to have immigrated to New Zealand in the last 1800's  

SWINBURNE FAMILY HISTORY SITE, states that the name Swinburn originates in Northumberland in the north of England. The Swin Burn is a stream rising at
Carrycoats Moor and flowing through the township of East or Little Swinburn. Ulfchill de Swyneburne is the earliest known resident proprietor at East Swinburn. He is
presumed to have been a man of considerable standing although he held his lands of the Lords of Gunnerton who were feudal tenants of the Baliols. Ulfchill's son, Adam
was born about 1160. At West or Great Swinburn a Godfrey de Swinburne was given land by Ralph de Gunnerton in the late 12th century. The Swinburne's rose rapidly in
wealth and influence from the end of the 13th century.

The spelling of SWINBURN is very inconsistent through almost every branch of the family. Different spellings for the same person will occur on birth, marriage and death
registrations, census returns, parish registers, letters etc. The inclusion or omission of the final 'e' is the most common inconsistency and occurs very randomly. Some
branches have adopted an 'o' and the variants SWINBOURNE, SWINBORN, SWINBORNE and SWINBOURN are most common in the Warwickshire and Essex branches. The
census returns in particular, have many odd variants and Swinburns have been found under the names SWIMBURN, SWIMBURNE, SWINBARN, SWINBUN etc.               

Her Maternal Grandmothers ancestry is the LUCAS family, who were joined by O'HALLORAN in 1878, with both these lines coming from Ireland. CHARLES LUCAS b abt.
1848 married in 1878 at Waitara, New Zealand,
ELLEN O'HALLORAN b abt.1852. Marriage Certificate states that Charles and Ellen were respectively "Widower" and
"Widow". Ellen's Death Certificate shows an earlier marriage to
FRANCIS MAULE, along with 2 off spring.
Pilot Bay, Tauranga