The Jackson Name has developed a special place in the hearts and minds of each of us. The Logo incorporates a whales tail as a symbol of the families initial history and
the shadowed area perhaps to recall those who have gone before us
24th to 26th November, 2000
                                                                                            FAMILY REUNION

The Reunion began with research into our earliest heritage and noting that the Jackson's were amongst the earliest settlers in Tory Channel near the top North Eastern
coast of the South Island of New Zealand

Blenheim was chosen due to the large numbers of family in the area and the prospect of providing visits to interesting family sites in the area. Accommodation in this area is
good, and the new Stadium 2000 was and appropriate venue to cater for the numbers expected.

The Reunion attracted some 350 family members from as far away as USA, Canada, England and Australia. One of the highlights was the Reunion dinner, at which many
attendees dressed in born at Jackson's Bay and spoke of their recollections. The reunion weekend also covered a boat trip down Tory Channel by 237 family members to
Jackson's Bay and visits to area's of significance in the Nelson/Marlborough area

"A reunion is about picking up the pieces, putting family issues aside, bringing the greater family together and appreciating the atmosphere of our heritage" - Malcolm Lind -
Chairman of the Reunion Committee   

The visit to the Grave site at Te Awaiti, Jackson's Bay, showed that the headstones and the surrounding area are in urgent need of restoration. This has been an ongoing
project since the Reunion