1.  RICHARD JACKSON  (JAMES HAYTER1) was born 11 Aug 1853 in Queen Charlotte Sound, and died 05 Jan 1919 in Masterton Hospital.  He married (1)
LETITIA MARIA WOODS 14 Oct 1880 in Greymouth, daughter of  
THOMAS  WOODS   and his wife LETITIA  HOUNSLOW) .  She was born Abt. 1862 in at sea on
board ship "Metropolis", and died 05 Sep 1897 in Masterton.  He married (2)
MARGARET WILLIAMS 01 Mar 1902.  She was born in Milton, Otago.  He married (3)
MARGARET THOMPSON MANNING Bet. 1903 - 1905.  She was born Abt. 1874 in Locheee, Scotland, and died 09 Aug 1946 in New Plymouth.

i.             DAISY JACKSON, b. Abt. 1881; d. 30 Jun 1966; m. JAMES WALTER BRUMBY; b. 1876; d. 01 Nov 1945.
ii.            WILLIAM JAMES JACKSON, b. 18 Oct 1883; d. 18 Dec 1961, Wellington; m. MARGARET RICHALINE DORSET, 18 Oct 1908, Eltham; b. 11 Aug 1883.
iii.           THOMAS GEORGE JACKSON, b. 13 Apr 1886.
iv.           ALBERT WOODS JACKSON, b. 28 Apr 1889; d. 18 Aug 1973, Waiheke Island; m. (1) MAUD TOOMEY; b. 1893; d. 14 Jul 1919;
  m. (2) MARGARET ALLISON MUNRO, 25 Apr 1921, Wanganui; b. Abt. 1894; d. 07 Jan 1963, Tauranga; m. (3) NORA SWINBURNE, 14 Jan 1963,
  Auckland; b. 12 Aug 1918, Auckland; d. 07 Mar 1999, Calvary Home and Hospital, Hawera.
v.            PERCIVAL HOUNSLOW JACKSON, b. Abt. 1891; d. 05 Oct 1917, Killed in action, WW I.
vi.           RUBY OLIVE JACKSON, b. 13 Nov 1895; d. 17 Jul 1963, Christchurch; m. (1) JAMES BURY HODGMAN, 1918, Kaikoura; m. (2) CLAUDE MALCOLM
  DIXEY, 1960.   


vii.          MARY ROYAL3 JACKSON, b. 22 Nov 1902; d. 14 Jul 1981; m. WALTERJOHN SCOTT, 21 Aug 1945.        


viii.         JESSIE JOAN THOMPSON3 JACKSON, b. 19 Sep 1905; d. 10 Apr 1979; Stepchild; m. COLIN DERBY, 03 Mar 1930; b. 1906, Stratford.
ix.           ELIZA EVELYN THOMPSON JACKSON, b. 02 Dec 1906, Levin; d. 10 Jul 1982, Hastings; m. ALEXANDER ANDERSON, 03 Sep 1930, New Plymouth; b.
 17 Apr 1907, Dundee, Scotland; d. 21 Sep 1940, New Plymouth.
x.            LILIAN JANE THOMPSON JACKSON, b. 01 Aug 1908, Masterton; d. 07 Dec 1961, New Plymouth Public Hospital; m. KENNETH ARCHIBALD NODDER,
  28 Feb 1928, New Plymouth; b. 1904, New Plymouth.
xi.           EDNA MABEL THOMPSON JACKSON, b. 13 Feb 1911; m. FREDERICK THOMAS MAIN, 1929, Napier; b. 1908, Patea.

                                                                                                                Richard Jackson

He was the third son of James Hayter and Eliza [nee Roil] Jackson and was born at Jacksons Bay, Tory Channel 11th August 1853. He is a
mystery Jackson, as little detail is known of his early life.

His Father’s shore based whaling station, was at Jacksons Bay, separated by a small peninsular from the main Te Awaiti valley. In
September 1839, when New Zealand Company officials visited Tory Channel, the three Te Awaiti whaling stations were run by Richard
Barrett, Joseph Toms, and James Jackson [in Jacksons Bay]. James had up to 20 assistant whalers at his factory and established a
permanent home and associated farm. The 1840’s were the boom days of shore based whaling activities, with some operating sporadically
into the 1850’s and 60’s. In September 1842 James accompanied
Arthur Wakefield on the Nelson Packet to the Collingwood and Takaka
areas. to survey  land which had been purchased from local Maori. It appears that James did not live continuously at Te Awaiti, as in 1855
he operating a store at Waitohi, which he did not own, however, he had returned to Jacksons Bay on Arapawa Island, by 1857, where he
also operated a farm of 40 acres.

These later details indicate that James Jackson may well have reduced his whaling activities by the time that his son, Richard, was born in
1853. It is therefore likely, that Richard, while raised at the whaling station did not see his future in this industry. This viewpoint could be
seen as reinforced as he took up a career with the Post Office. Richard is described in later times as an excellent Maori linguist and was a
man of good physique, standing well over 6ft [1.8 metres] in height and having an extraordinary breadth of shoulder. These later attributes
are typical of the Jackson’s, with his father, James, being some 6’3” tall [1.9 metres] and weighing in at 19 stone [120 Kg’s]

Richard first comes to our attention when he left the area and began employment with the New Zealand Post office, with the following details:-

Date of First appointment     Greymouth                            1880-1893
Transferred to                      Wellington                             1893-1896
Transferred to                      Masterton                              1896-1918
Retired on compensation                                                   1918

Employment History

1/2/1880                                                                            Lineman                        Kaikoura
1/3/1880                                                                            Lineman                        Greymouth
1/3/1881                                                                            Lineman                        Bealey
1883-90                                                                             Lineman                        Greymouth
1891                                                                                  Lineman First Grade     Greymouth
1892-96                                                                             Lineman First Grade     Wellington
1897-1908                                                                         Lineman First Grade     Masterton
1908-1913                                                                         No Record Held
1913-1918                                                                         Foreman Lineman         Masterton

Richard was employed for sometime on the Christchurch - Greymouth Telephone line over the Otira Gorge to Bealey. He was sent to
Masterton to install the first telephone exchange. He dismantled the main North Island line running in the early days through Masterton, via
Tinui-Aohanga, and thence around the coast to Napier.

“Lineman Jackson attached to the Masterton Post Office is a modern Hercules. He is considerably above the average height and build and
he is strong in proportion to his bulk. Mr Jackson last night rendered good service to the Brigades by using a long ladder to push over
burning portions of the State Office which gave every indication of falling.”

Source                Wairarapa Daily Times        20/4/1896

                                                                                     Letitia Woods

The only information that is known of Letitia, is that she was born on the immigrant ship ‘Metropolis’ of 1082 tons, which sailed from
Gravesend 4th March 1863 - arriving at Lyttleton with 160 passengers on the 16th June 1863. Immigration lists show a T D Woods, a printer
from Oxfordshire and his Wife.