Here is the home page for photographs. If you would like prints of any of
these, please contact me

In 2009, we were fortunate to be able to visit Europe for just under two years. We were based in England and
spent every opportunity to travel, both in the UK and to continental Europe. The tours we did to Europe were:-

                 9th Mar   13th Mar 2009               Guernsey, Channel Islands
              11th  Apr    15th Apr 2009               Amsterdam, Holland
              22nd Jun   4th Jul     2009               France, Monaco
                  5th Jul    8th Jul     2009              Southern Ireland
               10th Oct   17th Oct  2009               Southern Spain, Morocco
              28th Nov    30th Nov 2009               Porto, Portugal
                4th Dec    6th Dec   2009              Bruges, Belgium
               24th Jan    31st Jan 2010               Austria and Switzerland [via France, Belgium, Germany]
              19th Feb    21st Feb 2010              Ghent in Belgium
              11th Mar    13th Mar 2010               Normandy in France
              22nd Apr    24th Apr 2010               Normandy in France
                1st May    7th May  2010               Scotland
                8th May   12th May 2010               Istanbul and Galipoli in Turkey
             15th May    23rd May 2010              Italy, the Vatican
              20th Aug   18th Oct  2010               France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia,
                                                                      Hungary,Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, San Marino
                                                                      France, Spain, France